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Invisible was born to help companies that cannot afford a marketing department or create a powerful image that conveys what they want to convey to their customers. We are a European network of digital nomads who have developed a system to live comfortably with a salary, without creating any profit for this company, or paying for offices or other fixed expenses that other conventional businesses have.


Our goal is to help small businesses that seek to have a professional base in their corporate image, communication, promotion and visibility to increase their profits and grow professionally and personally. A nice accompaniment to female entrepreneurs and companies with fewer resources that seek to compete with the same tools as others.


We want to help you, teach you and make your business great. Once you have achieved it, we will say goodbye with a hug and a smile. We will continue to help other businesses that need our help and you will continue to grow to another level, perhaps hiring other employees for your new department in your successful company, ceasing to be invisible.

Our clients are like our partners, so we choose them carefully

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