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Design and Marketing in transport and industry

The logistics and industry sector is our great challenge. We want to create a design line and improve the graphic support of the companies dedicated to these services and give them the value they deserve.

Call attention to roads, the internet and even to your own customers, teaching them that your company is different from the rest. Generate a great differentiating point and the best added value for your company and create a network of graphic supports in your company such as service catalogs and presentation dossiers, professionalize your brand, personalize each truck with great originality. Now is the time to change and take another step in the digital marketing of your business.

Develop your brand


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In addition to designing it, we have an exclusive printing service for our clients on any product they need such as a company dossier, clothing with their brand, product catalog, cards, personalized packaging, vinyls, canvases and much more.

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Invisible has dressed us, painted Covermax color, enhanced our image and now we feel stronger than ever.

Elia, Covermax Resine.